1. Why is Dog Days the right place for my dog?

We’re dedicated to providing nothing short of first-rate care for your best friend.  Our team of animal lovers brings many years of pet care experience and know-how to each specially-created service we offer, from the design of our facilities to the training of our staff.  We set out to make Dog Days a special place for dogs to play and stay.  The Dog Days team works hard to ensure that the Dog Days is a fun, safe and welcoming environment, giving your dogs the love and attention they need when you can’t be there. Dog Days provides the socialization and exercise that your dog craves in a loving and safe environment.  Dogs are social beings and thrive on interaction with people and other dogs.  Dogs are happier and better adjusted when they are well exercised. We also engage the dogs in  training games during day care so that we can reinforce appropriate behavior and encourage fun positive play.


2. Why does my dog need vaccinations to be eligible for Daycare or the Hotel?

Dogs, like people, are prone to contagious illnesses.  Vaccinations can minimize, or, in some cases, eliminate the possibility of transmission of these illnesses and protect your dog as well as the other dogs in our care. 

3. Which vaccinations are required in order for my pet to play or stay at Dog Days?

Dog Days requires the DHPP (distemper, hepatitis, parainfluenza, and parvovirus) Vaccination, Rabies Vaccination and Bordetella Vaccination (which is required to be given every six months) for all dogs coming into Dog Days and for dogs that visit during Happy Hour.

You can email your pet’s vaccination records to us at dogdaysportland@gmail.com, fax them to 503.894.9952, or bring a copy with you when you come to your dog's  evaluation.

4. Does my dog have to be altered to attend dog daycare or the hotel?

Dog Days requires that all dogs that use daycare and the hotel be spayed or neutered by 7 months of age.  Puppies may be unaltered and use facilities until 7 months of age if they have been properly vaccinated; however, after 7 months they must be altered and properly vaccinated to be eligible to continue using these services.

5. When can my new puppy begin coming to dog daycare?

Puppies are welcome to join us as soon as they are fully inoculated, usually at around 4 - 5 months of age (varies by veterinarian.)  It’s important for all puppy parents to know that puppies do not have the same stamina, immune systems or social skills as adult dogs and are more prone to communicable illnesses, much like young children. 

6. How can I tell if my dog will fit in at Dog Days? What type of evaluation do you do to ensure he or she will get along with the other dogs?

We do conduct  evaluations to ensure your dog is ready for Dog Days. We also constantly evaluate dogs during their stay with us.  Some dogs, especially those unfamiliar with daycare, may be nervous and a bit fearful at first, but this does not preclude them from being able to go to Dog Days daycare or hotel.  It may take some time before they are fully comfortable and able to enjoy themselves, and it is important to us to give them that time to acclimate.  Aggressive behavior is a concern for us, as we know it is for Pet Parents as well.  Dogs that demonstrate fear that shows itself with aggressive behavior may not use our daycare or hotel. All dogs that want to come to Dog Days will have to be comfortable being around dogs of all sizes and personalities. Dog Days communicates regularly with all of our Pet Parents, so you’ll always know how your dog is doing.

7. Does Dog Days require my pet to have a membership to use services?

No, Dog Days does not charge a membership fee in order to use our services.  We do offer special discounts and packages on many of our services for clients who regularly use Dog Days. 

8. Does Dog Days offer a discount for multiple pet households?

We sure do!  Dog Days offers a 25% discount on additional pets, with no limit on the number of siblings!  When you pay full price for the first pet, you will receive 25% off for each additional pet. (This does not include Grooming or Dog Training.)

9. My dog is a bit overweight.  Can Dog Days help?

Yes! One of the priorities at Dog Days is proper exercise for dogs, which along with diet can help your dog shed those extra pounds.  Day Care is an excellent choice for helping dogs lose weight. 

10. Do you allow all breeds of dogs at Dog Day for daycare and the hotel?

Yes.  We do not discriminate based on breed.  All dogs that are friendly towards people and other dogs and are able to play are eligible for day care and the hotel.